about our services

spark & associates offer practical, expert advice for employers and providers on apprenticeship implementation. No fuss, no faff - just practical, hands on help.

we offer advice on any element of apprenticeships from trailblazer development to mapping apprenticeships to job roles and maximising levy and training budgets. We advise on every element of implementation to end point assessment. We can support you to understand the Apprenticeship Funding Rules, prepare for any aspect of delivery, or develop costed multi-year plans and strategies. We simply work with you to agree an activity, or programme of activities to fill the gap in your plan or add our resource to expand your capacity where you need a helping hand. 


webinars & WORKSHOPS 


We offer advice on every aspect of the apprenticeship programme from large project implementation or shortage, to quick interventions to address immediate issues or simply provide addtional capacity to get a job done.


OUTPUT:  advice when you need it and a trusted source of information to support your apprenticeship goals. 


We think that getting a full picture at the start ( or in the middle, or at the end ) makes for better prioritisation and use of resource. Our diagnostics and readiness reviews check systems and processes and talk with staff to offer just this  opportunity, whatever the query or place in the plan.


OUTPUT:  a diagnostic or readiness report exploring tasks and culture to inform a prioritised action plan.

We don't like to reinvent the wheel so we have a box full of tools and templates that we can adapt to help you implement your apprenticeship
programme or set up your apprenticeship apprenticeship delivery  

OUTPUT: a suite of  documents, checklists and guidance notes to support your day to day activity. 

We offer individual or clusters of interactive sessions on every aspect of the apprenticeship; from basics about apprenticeships and the levy, to how to implement your programme. For groups and individuals at every level, in any role. 

OUTPUT: a tailored set of face to face or webinar sessions (with a recorded 'view later' link), slide pack and tools, all to share.   



Not sure which steps to take or how to start ? We can work with your team to develop clear roles, responsibilities, resourcing and tasks or any aspect of apprenticeships.


OUTPUTS: a blueprint for any task or set of tasks with roles and responsibilities and other guidance documentation where needed.

We will support you to develop a medium and long-term strategy whether you are creating or expanding your  apprenticeship programme,  or simply want to maximise your levy and make sure that your investment in skills makes a difference.


OUTPUT convert your business and skills needs and priorities into a costed  plan, with apprenticeships as part of the skills solution.

As an antidote to  strategy when time is tight, we provide a unique 'cut through the confusion' assessment of where to  target your apprenticeship programme.

OUTPUT:  a simple set of programme options and prioritised roles for your plan,  each mapped to relevant apprenticeships against their likely cost.   

When you just want to get on with getting on with it, we have our own successful blueprint apprenticeship

 implementation plan, which we map to your systems, processes, capability and capacity.

OUTPUT: the lowdown on gaps and existing good practice and a prioritised list of what to tackle when.  

 SKILLS & Apprenticeship strategy 

HOT SPOT  analysis